Baptist Health South Florida Code Of Ethics

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Baptist Health South Florida Code of Ethics
Among the many reasons people are attracted to work at Baptist Health are our high ethical standards (Keeley, 2013). Baptist Health has earned an unmatched reputation in the community for its commitment to health and ethical values. Its role of leadership in our community, along with excellence in patient care, has become the model that other health care organizations follow. All Baptist Health employees, contractors and agents must adhere to this Code of Ethics. No one, no matter his or her employment status, is exempt from the standard established by the Code (Baptist Health South Florida, 2013). Maintaining such a distinguished designation requires team effort and the compliance of the entire staff body regardless of their role within the organization. This model has proven to be effective throughout its entities in South Florida.
Serving the South Florida community officially since 1990, Baptist Health’s tradition of care and ethical standards is what continues to open the doors to more facilities offering leading technology for specific patient needs. While many key points are found within the Code of Ethics - Patient Safety, Confidentiality, and Conflict of Interest are the key factors discussed. True to their unique Code of Ethics, Baptist Health has developed departments within their organization that oversee maintaining that these codes are met, ultimately gaining some of the highest patient satisfaction ratings in South…
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