Baptist Manifestations

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were any racial prejudice at Baptist, they were being promoted by Karl Krebs and Mary Gibbs, and not by Nickie Moretti. I told Rundgren that Clorees Davis passed the rotation without leaving home, while Nickie failed it after busting his rear-end for six weeks and never missing a single minute of work. I asked Rundgren if such an incongruity didn't impress him as being a "horse of a different color." Rundgren never answered my questions but informed me of the tremendous obstacles young black physicians in America had to overcome instead. He told me, in the middle of a life-saving procedure in the Emergency Room, a family member once asked Karl if she could see his medical school diploma before he did any further work on her son. I told…show more content…
Lucci the patient had systemic lupus erythematosis, his silver eyebrows pointed to heaven, and he broke out into a big smile. When he asked me to explain why the patient had lupus, I named the fourteen manifestations of lupus and told Dr. Lucci the diagnosis of lupus was contingent on a patient's having at least four of the fourteen manifestations. His patient did indeed have five of the fourteen manifestations: non-deforming arthritis, Raynaud's phenomenon, in which the hands exhibit a two-phase color change when placed in cold water, alopecia or hair loss, oral ulcerations, and what appeared on the chest X-ray to be a pericardial effusion which suggested pericarditis. Dr. Lucci asked me how I diagnosed a pericardial effusion from the chest X-ray, and I pointed out the patient had a pear-shaped heart on X-ray which suggested a pericardial effusion. Lucci looked at me as though he didn't understand, and asked, "Whata you mean - a pear-shaped heart?" When I reaffirmed my belief the patient's heart looked like a pear, Lucci quipped, "Thatsa no pear-shaped heart - thatsa chianti flasca heart." As we laughed at Lucci's observation the patient's heart was shaped like a chianti flask, he congratulated me on my diagnosis. He then proceeded to look at my name tag and said, "Kaminski. Thatsa Polack name, No? But your first name isa Peter. Thatsa my name too. Wella, Peter, me and you are
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