Baptist Religion

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What are Baptist? In Christian religion, they are one of the largest Christian denominations. Baptists believe in baptizing all believers EXCEPT infants. There are about 43 Million Baptists in the world, 33 million of those are Americans and 360K of those are in Britain.
Baptism began as an early version of church and was consisted of committed believers whom had committed sin and wanted a place to confess. Baptist believe in the teachings of the Bible and worship of God and Jesus. Baptists don’t have a main governing body so beliefs can range but most have the same ideals. Many oppose gambling, alcohol, tobacco,and some dancing/movies ( Like sexual dances such as lap dancing, topless dancing and rave dancing.) For example, in the movie Footloose,
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Buddhism Buddhism originates from a prince named Buddha Shakyamuni who lived in a place called Lumbini (originally part of India). The religion is practiced by at least .7% of America’s population today. Some things that the Buddhists believe are that the mind isn’t physical, but a freeflow in the time continuum and is completely separate from your body. Though there is a difference between your conscious and your mind. The conscience ceases to exist after the owner of it is dead but, the mind continues on to live onto the next life. What you do during the time you’re alive changes what you’re going to be in the next life. If you were a happy, helping person that would sow the seeds to a brighter beginning but if you were to be a awful, criminous being you’d be sowing seeds of despair and bad luck to your next life.
A type of therapy that buddhists usually use is meditation. Meditation is said to calm your body and mind so the meditator may have clarity and see beyond, giving a positive change in awareness.
The predominate culture of buddhists are Indians due to Buddhism being discovered and practiced in India more and before anywhere else in the
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