Bar Code Medication Administration ( Bcma ) Coordinator At The Va Southern Nevada Healthcare System

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According to Rosseter (2011), one of the largest segments of the US workforce are comprised of Registered Nurses, with over three million registered nurses worldwide. Due to the fast paced and rising complex demands placed on our healthcare environment, it is no surprise that over twenty-four thousand post graduate students were actively seeking and earning their master’s degree in nursing in 2011 (DHHS, 2013, p.ix). In order to gain an understanding of the interplay among my education, career path and opportunities afforded to me by taking an approach to higher degree learning. I approached a co-worker whose capabilities impressed me and asked her five questions in person, in order to gain her insightful information of what I will be facing during these next few months.
Career Overview My co-worker in question is the Bar Code Medication Administration (BCMA) Coordinator at the VA Southern Nevada Healthcare System (VA for short). She graduated with a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at University of Alaska, Anchorage in 2010 and as a result, has been working as a nurse for five years. She has worked as a telephone triage nurse, primary care manager, and inpatient medical-surgical staff nurse prior to transitioning to the administrative position she currently holds. She is an active participant in quality improvement initiatives at our hospital and is dedicated to ensuring evidence-based care is reflected in our facility policies and procedures. When it comes to
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