Bar-Mitzvah's Rituals

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There is a complex ritual in almost every world culture, which, depending on the level of development of society, can look very primitive or very difficult, but always has one task - the transfer of the child to the adult world. In Judaism it is Bar-Mitzvah, in India - upanayama, the ancient Slavs have the cult of the wolf, the Catholics - confirmation. In a modern world initiation rituals are not so strict, therefore, many teenagers, demanding separation from parents and the transition to the adult world, look for their own way to create new rituals. If we will look closer to the initiation rituals for example, in Africa, we will see that most of them have a traditional script. The final goal of initiation is always the same - by a peculiar…show more content…
“Newborn” gets a new name, learns new secret words, new language, sometimes they re-learned to walk or being feed as a baby, in other words they totally simulate newborn behavior. Symbolically, this means that a child dies, and a new person goes into the adult world, where there is no place for children's emotional reactions, where he should be resistant and have a consciousness of the adult. This - essentially- is the goal of adolescence - the awakening of the consciousness of the adult, the rejection of simple children's instincts, unbridled desire and ability to regulate their…show more content…
They were taken from their families as well and placed in a secluded part of the special house, where no one can speak. Then these girls were grouped under the guidance of an experienced older woman. She taught them the sacred feminine crafts and sciences (cooking, weaving, knitting), devote them to the cult of fertility, taught the art of physical love. As a result, a girl gets feminine identity and becomes an adult, therefore, ready for her main purpose of giving birth to children. Interestingly, our modern and civilized societies have preserved a tradition of initiation rituals. For example, initiation in the Scouts, some religious rites, summer camps, field trips, where children are close to the wild nature. They learn how to cook, wash clothes, learn how to be independent. Parents say that after these trips children become more mature, they have changed because they had something new, not related to the parental world. Symbolically, it really looks like initiation journey - mother stays at home, and the adult world entails, pulling the child
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