Barack Obama And Donald Trump 's Views On The Trade System

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In this year’s election, the two strongest candidates competing would be Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton is the candidate for the Democratic Party and wife to former president Bill Clinton. While the candidate for the Republican Party is Donald Trump and is someone who has never been into politics, but is known worldwide for being a billionaire. This year’s election has been one that has stirred up politics and economics standpoint to say the least. Both Trump and Hillary have touched on the topic of economics, and each has their own speculations and different outlooks in the areas of trade, taxes, and infrastructure. The first topic that these candidates have spilled their views on would be how they would take on the trade system. Candidate Donald Trump’s views on the trade system are depicted in a seven-point plan. One, he would take the U.S. out of the Trans-Pacific Partnership; two, he is going to get trade experts to fight for the American workers; three, assign the secretary of commerce to uncover all issues with current trade agreements in efforts to protect the American workers; four, reestablish and negotiate terms with NAFTA; five, state that China’s currency is a manipulator; six, take action on trade cases against the Chinese and enforce the WTO; and seven, put an end to illegal activity that China partakes in and enforce action. (Hains, 2016) Trump makes it clear that if an agreement is not reached that the Unites States will walk from…

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