Barack Obama And The Top Program

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Obama on July 24th, 2009 when giving a speech on the idea and probable implementation of his new program called Race to the Top. Taxpayers in America pay more money per student in comparison to other nations, but our education system is far from the best in the world. President Obama and his administration demanded a higher quality education for all American children. Not only did President Obama and his administration demand a higher quality education for America, but also a complete and competitive education. That is why President Obama presented every state, including Washington D.C, with an opportunity to participate in “Race to the Top.” Supported by a 4.35 billion dollar investment, the “Race to the Top” program received strong criticisms, and ended up losing it’s funding. The Race to the Top grant was created to improve state level education ‘innovation’ in order to advance student achievement, decrease the achievement gaps between students and to prepare students for universities, higher education and future jobs. The grant encourages raising standards and expectations for all students. The initiative, which was part of the economic stimulus plan of 2009, awarded 11 states and the District of Columbia with tens or hundreds of million dollars over four years in exchange for dramatic changes to their education systems.

In 2009, passed as the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act, the Race to the Top initiative was created to target four major areas.…
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