Barack Obama Hero Essay

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People who have a monument in the National Mall are usually people who are visionaries, empathetic, passionate, influential and innovative. That’s why I think Barack Obama should be the next person to have a monument in the National mall. On November 4, 2008, Barack Obama was named the very first African-American president in the United States of America. That title is already big enough, because it has the word “first” in it, by him becoming president he opened the doors for minorities. He proved to people who are not (White or Caucasian), that they can also achieve huge accomplishments, like becoming president. He inspired people to chase your dreams and don’t give up, whether is based on skin color, nationality, or the place you come from. Barack Obama was and is humble and empathetic. I come from a family of immigrants, my family came here to give my brothers and I, a better…show more content…
Obama also created a vast amount of jobs, he is known as one of the best job creators, thus helping out the economy significantly. He did the greatest achievement after normalizing relations with Cuba, after so many years of controversy. He also supported the homosexuals, he allowed them to serve in the military and he also showed that supported same-sex marriages. To me Barack Obama helped out everyone one way or another, he is a type of person that I truly admire and I always will. He cared about every person in America, whether you were legal or illegal, he didn’t shun a group of people based on their race, sexuality, age and their wealth. He believed that everyone deserves an opportunity because at the end of the day were all just human beings just like him. He helped out my friends and family, and other families, I couldn’t thank him enough for such opportunities he gave to us
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