Barack Obama Persuasive Speech

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I will never forget the night of November 4, 2008. As a kid, I watched Cable News Network (CNN) declare Barack Hussein Obama II, the 44th President of the United States of America. It warmed my My heart warmed to seeknow that I was not the only individual who rejoicedfelt joy knowing the next pPresident wouldill be an African-American. This was , a first for the country and a dream come true . for me.

It was a culmination of the American Dream: a Bblack man holdingaving the most powerful position of Earth in a country , which, which historically oppressed his people. Througho no fault of their own, many African-Americans believed that we had finally had overcome our struggles- or so we thought. On top of it all, many Americans of countless
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It let us to retain our hope that our country can someday overcome its racist history and have an inclusive America. . Throughout our country’s historyies, there have been attempts by other distinguished African-Americans such as Shirley Chisholm and Jesse Jackson to become President. . Obama won…show more content…
Now,H he resumed the work of those numerous individuals. We could be cheery, even if was for that day. Two terms and several achievements such as Obamacare, and later , ending the costly war in Iraq, President Obama has done the American people a great public service.

According to CNN, President Obama left office with as one of the highest approval ratings of and outongoing President aswith 60% of adult Americans were inin favor of him.

While , president-elect Trump’sthe current President indifference to African-Americans should not be alarming given his hateful rhetoric towards others, we thought we overcaome our struggles. Today, our country is greatly divided, similar to the Civil Rights Movement and the Vietnam War era.

Obama gave many of us reason to believe that change can result in a better America for all. History repeats itself, and one day, there will be another BbBlack President of the United States of America. Weathering the harsh storm from some of his staunchest adversaries, Obamaduring Obama’s duration in office, he remained cool, calmlam, and collected during his duration in office.

I miss President Obama and it gives me much needed comfort to know that the African-American bBlack community feels the same too . Thank you President
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