Barack Obama 's Campaign Advertisement Video Essay

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Presidential candidate Hillary Clinton’s campaign advertisement video, Equal, uses an ardent emotional theme to declare her firmly on the side of marriage equality, while referencing her commitment to fighting for women’s equality in past decades. Historic fervor permeates Clinton’s style of speech throughout her dialogue. She initiates this by reflecting on the story of America and its fight towards progress in equality. This dialogue exchanges focus with a tape of a wedding ceremony. Two men exchanging vows as one of them gives a profession of commitment while reflecting on the struggle inherent to the nature of their relationship. The pain of a lifetime of discrimination and decades of yearning for legal fairness is audible in the voice of the speaking imminent husband. Saturated images flash before the viewer often without giving sufficient time to register what exactly is being shown. This attempts to give the impression of overwhelming support for the views being expressed in the dialogue behind the sequences. First we’re shown two men walking down a neighborhood street in autumn, holding hands. Following this are segments of weddings and proposals between homosexual couples of various ages and ethnicities. The recurring relationship that we see the progression of, and is the only significant, audible dialogue other than Clinton’s, is that of a handsome couple in white tuxedos, outdoors, exchanging vows. A beautiful summer day with the bright sun
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