Barack Obama 's Current Tax Code

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With the presidential elections coming up, different tax policies are being debated between the candidates. Whether it is proposed by a Democratic or a Republican presidential candidate, there have been many possible solutions presented on how to reform the current tax code. Focusing specifically on four candidates, two from the Democratic Party, and two from the Republican Party, I will compare and contrast their respective tax proposals. While the Democratic candidates generally agree with President Obama’s current tax code, all four candidates are looking to reform it in some way in order to, in their own eyes, better the current tax code affecting today’s citizens.
For the Democratic party, I will be taking a look into the proposed tax policies of Hillary Clinton as well as Bernie Sanders’. On the other hand, for the Republican Party, I will examine the tax policies of Donald Trump along with Marco Rubio’s. Before I begin comparing each of the four candidates, I will present some of the policies in the current tax code. This will help analyze the changes the candidates want to make when I immediately after list their tax policies and the specific changes they wish to bring about in order to improve the current tax code.

Current tax code:
The current tax code is aimed towards making it more fair for working families. The policy includes the American Opportunity Tax Credit, which gives up to $10,000 worth of tax credits to college students. For businesses that make less
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