Barack Obama 's Presidential Election Essay

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Context Card: Subject: 2016 presidential race Audience: Voters of Hillary Clinton Writing Situation: Why Hillary is not the candidate you want to be the next president. Thesis: Hillary Clinton is a horrible choice for president and Trump is a much better choice when compared to Hillary. Tone: Persuasive and showing why Donald Trump is the better candidate for the presidential election than Hillary Clinton. Presidential Persuasion The 2016 presidential election is said to be, one of the most controversial elections in recent history, with the two main party nominee’s being Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton. Many people would say that they don’t like the two main choices for the presidency, further proving this, a poll conducted by the Wall Street Journal and NBC News that was taken in mid summer 2016 showed that Hillary supporters voted for her because “They did not like Trump.” While Trump supporters voted for Trump because “They did not like Hillary.” So It is easy to identify that voters are voting for their respective candidate choice due to the factor being, they do not like the other candidate. According to psychology; “Emotion is stronger than logic when it comes to the mental process,” so it is safe to assume people are ignoring the facts and solely voting based on their emotions. Some main topics of the Presidential Debate -according to the people- are that: Trump supporters “believe” that Hillary wants to restrict gun laws, while Hillary supporters
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