Barack Obama 's Speech On The American Job Act

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In this essay I will demonstrate how Barack Obama used these five emotional fallacies; bandwagon, Confidence, repetition, the command and the manufactured problem, to persuade his audience in the speech about “Jobs” also known as the “American Job Act”. I will summarize his main idea, pin point the audience that he will be targeting, then I will layout the foundations of this speech along with the arguments he used to benefit this bill.
The American Job act is proposal that Barack Obama was advocating for the urgency of creating jobs back in 2011. In his speech about jobs, he shows bandwagon often. Gula explains that bandwagon is “Everyone is doing it. Therefore, you should be doing it too.” Robert J. Gula, Nonsense (Axios Press, 2007), 22. Barack Obama states in his speech that the Democrats who have supported this kind of proposal, Fifty House Republicans have proposed the same payroll tax cut meaning that we should pass this bill right away. Barack Obama uses bandwagon to his best advantage; he is showing his audience that both parties have agreed on this so why should we not agree to the something. Throughout his speech he also mentions that in the past both parties have supported the unemployment insurance policy and we should pass it again, this is a other example of Obama showing that everyone in the past has done it so why shouldn’t we do it?
Barack Obama shows confidence all throughout his speech, as mentions in Robert J.Gula book “Confidence. The propagandist
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