Barack Obama 's State Of The Union Speech

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Truthfully, there are a lot of significant Economic issues that were addressed in President Obama’s State of the Union Speech. Obama had many successes in the past year, including: the strongest production of jobs in fifteen years, drivers saving an expected hundred dollars because gasoline prices were extremely low, and the unemployment rate plummeting to a miniscule 5.6%. However, the wages of middle-class Americans remain unchanging. President Obama plans to fix this issue, using what he referred to as “Middle-Class Economics”. What is the idea of Middle-Class Economics? According to our forty-fourth president, Middle-Class Economics is defined as “the idea that this country does best when everyone gets their fair shot, everyone does…show more content…
Throughout the twenty-first century, technology has been one of the major focusses of people world-wide. Technology has even helped the unemployment rate by creating new jobs that wouldn’t have been around twenty years ago. Overall, technology is a helpful tool that is used to advance our knowledge of the world we live in. However, technology can also be used for wrong-doing. One example of how technology can be used for wrong-doing comes in the form of identity theft. According to Merriam Webster, identity theft is “the illegal use of someone’s personal identifying information in order to get money or credit.” For example, in modern-day America, companies are putting the personal information of their customers in the cloud, a data server that is connected to the internet. As technology advances, it is getting harder for companies to protect your personal information, and easier for identity thieves to hack into the cloud and steal it. Thankfully, President Obama is determined to strengthen cyber-security, and so he has introduced a series of proposals designed to aid the fight against identity theft. Firstly, Obama wants companies to share information with the government, in order to help the companies scan their servers for malicious software known as malware. Also, the president wants a system where customers will be alerted if their credit card is stolen, within a thirty
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