Barack Obama 's The Audacity Of Hope

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On July 27, 2004, Barack Obama arguably made his greatest speech, “The Audacity of Hope”, at the Democratic National Convention Keynote Address. All the way through his piece, Obama focuses on connecting himself to Americans. However, Barack Obama was a US Senate candidate for the United States president, and in making this speech, uses this connection to raise his reputation rather than to simply amuse the audience. Throughout “The Audacity of Hope” speech, Barack Obama implements three main devices to raise his political popularity: abstract language, repetition, and structure. Part of “The Audacity of Hope” is Obama’s use of abstract words, which help to associate the piece to everyone’s individual view of these words. In other words, since abstract words have no explicit definitions, the words fit to the person who defines them. Obama states, “John Kerry believes in the Constitutional freedoms that have made our country the envy of the world, and he will never sacrifice our basic liberties, nor use faith as a wedge to divide us.” In this sentence, Obama uses the words “freedoms”, “sacrifice”, “liberties”, and “faith” to describe John Kerry and what he does. By using these abstract words, Obama creates a perfect American image, one that stands for everything America stands for. This is powerful. By comparing a person to a highly symbolic figure, such as the United States, Obama invokes high emotions among the audience, or the pathos of the piece, which he then puts onto
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