Barack Obama vs. Mitt Romney: America's Future

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Barrack Obama vs. Mitt Romney Introduction The current election between Barrack Obama and challenger Mitt Romney is about America's future based upon different visions. To fully understand these contrasting views requires examining the stance of each individual in areas such as: the candidate's vision of America, how they differ, the way they are similar and their beliefs on health care / job creation. Together, these elements will highlight the approach they will be utilizing to address a host of problems. Barrack Obama's Vision for America Obama believes that the government plays a central role in helping everyone to deal with critical challenges. This is because its effects are far reaching and having an adverse impact on middle class Americans. Moreover, there is less opportunity for young adults who go to college and earn degrees. Yet, they are finding a job market that is unwilling to hire them. To deal with the issues, the President believes that Washington should have a stimulus program that is focused on: improving job growth, reducing taxes on the middle class, encouraging small businesses to innovate, supporting state / local governments and discourages outsourcing. (Killough, 2012) At the same time, the passage of the Affordable Care Act is one way that he is helping Americans to deal with the rising costs of health care. Under the program, everyone is offered private health insurance they can purchase from a marketplace that is ran by the federal
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