Barack Obama's Home Page and Mitt Romney's Website: An Analysis

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Websites: On the Left and On the Right Throughout the 2012 presidential campaign, both candidates will use the Internet to keep their followers informed. Many hours are required to create a visually appealing, easy-to-navigate, and effective website. Barack Obama's home page stresses his presidential status and personal qualities; Mitt Romney's website presents the candidate as a man of the people. Obama's website makes the candidate look like a kind of superhero. There are no photographs of his running mate, Joe Biden. In contrast, Mitt Romney's page depicts a photo of the candidate and his vice presidential choice Paul Ryan, addressing a crowd together as a team. One photo on Obama's website shows the president standing before a large crowd of supporters taking pictures of him, confirming the idea that Obama is extraordinary, unique politician with celebrity appeal. Romney is shown shaking hands with a man in a hard hat, in an attempt to give him a 'common man' image. Romney's campaign is trying to make the candidate seem more normal and human; Obama's campaign is trying to make the President seem more presidential and authoritative. Romney is consistently trailing Obama with women voters, but his website shows few photos of the candidate with women or even his own wife. In contrast, there is a prominent website photo of Obama and his wife, Michelle. With women's' issues and female voters playing an integral role in this election, Romney's site clearly falls short in

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