Barangay 33 Information System

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As one steps into the portals of another age, a new demand for new level of information arises. Planners and policy makers in the government and the private sector including the academe and research institutions rely heavily on the information available. The shift in the demand for national and regional-based statistics to small-area statistics grows with time as projects are more focused on countryside development and across sectors.
In recent years, local government planners focused their development plans across sectors in the community to maximize the use of resources. Thus, the need for detailed small-area statistics also rises as data input for situational analysis, planning and
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Microsoft Visual Studio 6.0 will be used to create the program. Different variables can be also applied. We often need to store values when performing calculations with Visual Basic. For example, we might want to calculate several values, compare them, and perform different operations on them, depending on the result of the comparison. We need to retain the values if you want to compare them. By applying variables, input and output of information can be made easy.
In Visual Basic, like most programming languages, uses variables for storing values. A variable has a name (the word that you use to refer to the value the variable contains) and a data type (which determines the kind of data that the variable can store). Calculations are made easy just by assigning values to variables. This feature will be beneficial to the population count.
Within the applied theories, the system can fully function with an interactive map, as well as the information gathered.
Conceptual Framework:
It had been mentioned earlier that Brgy. 33 Paterno St. Tacloban City will have a record of its citizens and provide information to the various officials on duty. The system will also contain an interactive map within it are the designated homes of the individuals. The information about the Barangay and its citizens will provide as the input to the system to be created. Baselineinformation aboutBrgy. 33 and all itsCitizens | → |

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