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Chapter 1

A Barangay also known as barrio in its former name is the smallest local government unit in the Philippines and is the native Filipino term for a village or district. Municipalities and cities are composed of barangays. The word barangay is sometimes abbreviated as "Brgy" or "Bgy.
Historically, a barangay is a relatively small community of around 50 to 100 families. Most villages have only thirty to one hundred houses and the population varies from one hundred to five hundred persons. The word itself is derived from an ancient Malayo-Polynesian boat called a balangay. It is commonly believed that in pre-colonial Philippines, each original coastal “barangay” formed as a result of settlers arriving by boat from other
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home care management of pneumonia, diarrhea, etc.) as well as conduct health teachings and organize community-wide projects (e.g. promotion of environment sanitation, setting-up of herbal gardens, etc.). This network has been widespread in Batanes that every household belongs to a catchment area of a village health worker. Aside from being auxiliary brigades of the formal health facilities, they also act as liaison of the community to the local government. (Kapanidungan sa Kalusugan Social Health Insurance, 1993) The Institute of Health Sciences (IHS), as the SHS used to be known, was established in Tacloban, the capital of Leyte Province, in 1976. It started out as an experiment in medical education, aimed at developing community-oriented health workers -- barangay health workers, midwives, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians. The SHS represents a bold strategy to counteract the twin problems of the "brain drain" and the maldistribution of health manpower available in the Philippines. All students admitted to the SHS initially go through the Barangay Health Worker (BHW) program, or what is commonly known as paramedic training. After one quarter or 11 weeks of training, the student receives a certificate as a BHW, qualifying him/her to be a practicing paramedic. (The School of Health Sciences, 1976) The Barangay Health Volunteers of the Philippines are trained health workers who live in the communities
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