Barbados And America 's Slave Codes

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He makes so many claims about how Africans are less desirable or are cows, which leaves little imagination on how black would be treated in that society.
Something else that plays into the racial issues of this time period is how similar Barbados and America’s slave codes were for the time. Barbados heavily influenced the ways in which Virginia used slavery “as a mode of production and organization” for society. It seems like every time Barbados made a change to their legal codes, Virginia would do the same and vice versa. For example, when Barbados decided that slaves would be deemed as real estate or freehold property, Virginia decided that slaves would belong legally to the estate. As the years passed, the laws became more and more strict eventually leading to laws being created about if slaves were allowed to visit places on their day off. Barbados was becoming increasingly more uncomfortable with blacks being allowed to roam free on their day off that they were required to carry passes with their time of departure and time that they were to arrive back on the plantation. Virginia followed a similar path but also required that the certificate come from a master, mistress or overseer. Both places had laws that allowed the masters to punish slaves if they did not follow these instructions. One of the big issues for the slave codes was determining what made people racially different. Racial difference rested mainly on “European men’s’ perception that African women and…
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