Barbara Kingsolver's Animal Dreams

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This can be done through one’s creativity, a deeper understanding of the real world and gaining independence. In Barbara Kingsolver’s Animal Dreams, The story focuses on the journey of self- actualization with the main character Codi. She was able to connect with peacocks to aid in finding her true self. She was also able to become more confident in herself through the love she receives from a boyfriend. Lastly, through the kidnapping of Codi’s sister, she was able to learn how to become an independent woman.
Codi has not found who she is. She’s always considered herself an outsider to everyone who has already been on the path to self- actualization. Through peacocks, Codi was able to have a deeper understanding of why she feels so attached to her hometown even when she’s been travelling all over the world to find a home. She observes the peacocks and how they are a community and even when they venture off, they always come back to one another. When the Stitch and Bitch Club decides to sell peacock piñatas in support of clean water, the people decide Codi should be the one to write up a speech to the school about the piñatas and what they represent. “To my shock I was elected, in absentia, to write this epic broadside and get it mimeographed at the school” (Kingsolver 195).” Codi was shocked about the decision…
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