Barbara Norris Case Study

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Barbara Norris Case Analysis Synopsis - Barbara month into a management position of a unit that is ‘Troubled’ she has had no experience in managing a large units which included managing, scheduling and budgeting. - The unit is short staffed, stressed and there is a high turnover with a poor culture. Indicated by the 29 one-to-one that were requested page 2 & top of 3. - Worst performing unit - John Frappewell (Nursing Director) needs her to ‘turn this unit around and do it fast’ could be used as a vote of confidence and a leverage point? - Management have enacted a hiring freeze and stopped all overtime across the EMU - Barbara has the benefit of knowing what good management looks likes with Betty Nolan her old mentor people /…show more content…
Once the above measures are in place request new staff as a demonstrated measure of the hospitals commitment to improve the GSU. 2. If unsuccessful seek clarification on the why the freeze is imp[lace to communicate to the GSU team. 3. Confirm a date when this will be lifted and a confirmation that GSU will be a priority once lifted. 2. What impact would regular meetings have on the culture? - frequent meetings to build culture is an important step however the goals of such meeting need to be clearly define and the meeting agenda needs to be carefully managed and driven by Barbara. - They should include all members so a even split would be best ensure the meetings are kept short, positive and inline with GSU goals in working to a solution, this will avoid the negativity from the first meeting. 3. What other forms of acknowledgement could she employ? - Reward and recognition would be an excellent way to drive culture and performance at these meetings. - Announcement of a mentor program to ensure that new people are nurtured into the team. Informal recognition on a day to day basis would do alot to drive and develop culture in the business Seek advice from someone like Jennifer on the new technologies and / or bedside manner skills on how to help develop the team. Use her ability and wiliness to help the other team members and publicly acknowledge this to set a example for the rest of the team. 4. What should she tell her boss in her status report? Her

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