Barbecue History

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(San Francisco, CA) BBQ On Main, formerly a barbecue joint in a small town outside of St. Louis, is relaunching as an authority site that curates the best recipes, how-to articles and BBQ gear reviews. Individuals who love barbecue will enjoy the information found on this site. Try a new recipe today, learn how to tackle a challenging BBQ problem or read up on some of the latest products designed specifically for barbecuing. Those who visit the site will find they learn something new each and every time.
"BBQ has been popular since the Native Americans prepared meat over a pit, and this food continues to be a favorite across America. In fact, George Washington hosted a barbecue with voters on the day the cornerstone of the Capitol was laid in Washington, D.C. Today, there are numerous ways to prepare meat using this method and countless
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In addition, there are countless ways to prepare meat over a barbecue, including with vinegar and liquid sauces or a dry mix. In fact, barbecue is one of the most versatile foods available today.
"Visit the site to try a new recipe or find a different way to prepare a family favorite. Smoke bologna or prepare a brisket. Learn how to choose a brisket for this type of meal and how to place the meat on a grill. There is so much one can learn about proper barbecue techniques and different ways to prepare meats that everyone will learn something with a visit to the site," Toms promises.
Many individuals associate barbecue with specific parts of the country, but this food may be found everywhere one goes. From New York City to California, there is a barbecue type for every person. The site strives to cover all of the different types available today, so visitors can try new things with their favorite dish or find the recipe for a personal
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