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Executive Summary Barbie has become one of the best selling toy brands in the world helping Mattel become one of the largest toy makers. Mattel has had much success with it popular Barbie dolls for over fifty years. However it seems every product has a life cycle and in recent years Barbie has begun to decline in popularity due to recent technological trends and stiff competition. Today young girls have become more interested in mp3 players and ipods rather than playing with dolls. At home and abroad competitors are producing new doll with different characteristics that persuade consumers to purchase these products over Barbie. Competitors have begun stealing significant market share away from Mattel who depends on Barbie for 20 percent…show more content…
In addition, by not calling the new lower end doll by the Barbie name, there will be less risk of damaging the consumers perception of the existing Barbie doll as being a superior product. Advertising: Advertising needs to be focused on radio, T.V., and billboards due to the fact that mail may be unreliable in many areas in Latin America. Advertisements should be created that make the consumer aware of the new lower end doll and should persude the consumer to take action and purchase the product. Sales Promotion: A coupon could be placed inside of the packaging of the new lower end dolls giving the consumer 50% off the purchase of another doll. Distribution: The Barbie doll should try to be sold in upscale retail stores and malls(if they exist). The new lower end doll should be sold in retail stores and local markets. Price Policy: The Barbie doll should stay at a high price to give the consumer the perception of a superior product, however the new doll should be price much lower. The new doll should be priced similarly to the Susi doll. Research: Before creating a new doll research needs to be done to see what exact characteristic girls need to see in a doll to want to purchase it. If it is legal focus groups could be held to help design and choose possible prototype dolls. Japan Opportunities · World’s second largest toy market · Japan toy market is worth $8 billion · video/computer games · Flavas

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