Barbie : ' Barbie Obsession '

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Hestia Hyun Sim
HIST 406A Asian Women
Professor Kuo
13 November 2014
Barbie Obsession
The Book Naomi takes a place in Japan during the 1920s; periods where there had been a shift in the society from traditions to new modernities. One of the main characters, Jôji, maintains both conservative and liberal attitudes because he had lived through both periods of time. In contrast, the other character named Naomi, who is relatively younger than Jôji, presents to be the Japanese modernity. Although Jôji is a still traditional character, he has a vast interest in modern ideas. And his interests led him to pay close attention to Naomi. Jôji himself was not and could not be the modern man he imagined to be; thus he instead puts a lot of effort transforming Naomi to the modern one to get vicarious satisfaction. By remodeling Naomi into a perfect modern girl, Jôji gets confidence himself because Naomi now became an object and treasure that illuminate his life. The storyteller, Jôji, is a very unique character due to his combined conservative and liberal attitudes and backgrounds. He had a higher education in cities, and soon after graduation, he starts to work as an engineer at an electrical firm. He continues to live by himself and away from his family; essentially away from his obligations as the eldest son in the family (5). His environment is shown somewhat modern, but it is hard to perceive Jôji as a perfect modernized man because the book describes him as “an exemplary office…

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