' Barbie Doll, And Novelist Marge Piercy's Barbie Doll

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Every day girls worldwide wake up, apply their makeup, wear fancy expensive clothing, wear high heels, and wear skintight clothing. Girls do this every morning because they have to. Society expects them to. Even young girls are encouraged to look a certain way. As time goes on it appears that younger and younger kids are now sporting outfits that reflect the current adult trends. In my personal experience I have witnessed young teen girls that have gone through so much trouble that they resemble a young woman; despite the fact that they have barely touched puberty. Children are now being included in the social norms and expectations of women at an age that is not safe for their self-esteem. Young girls are now self-conscious about themselves because of what others think. These girls are being taught that they should look a certain way to fit in or to be popular. Novelist Marge Piercy has contributed her part in this topic by bringing to light a significant social issue that focuses on the expectations of the typical girl through her short poem Barbie Doll. This poem introduces a typical young girlchild who is victim to the tortures of a girl who does not fit in with society. The girlchild is given the same toys as everyone else. The toy is a doll a plastic Barbie doll with pitch perfect hair and a slender body. Piercy is arguing how nearly every girl will receive the same toy and that same toy will give off the same message to all children, boy or girl. That message is that

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