Barbie Dolls : A Of A Societal Female Identity Has Been Established And Reinforced Time And Time

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Breasts. Bows. Barbie dolls. The foundation of a societal female identity has been established and reinforced time and time again. As children, we are taught which physical attributes and personal preferences align with the stereotypical women’s figure, culminated in the Bratz Doll. “Sugar, spice and everything nice” has taken on a modern day spin. Less room exists for the quintessential quiet, book reading girl while more space is made for the spacey mean girls whose handbag contents include lap dogs and hair brushes. Stroll through the toy aisle in any store. Adjust your eyes to the colors, patterns, and themes associated with the products available in the “girl” and “boy” departments. These stereotypical standards of pink and blue are as strictly contrasting as black and white. The problems presented in the restrictions and societal ideals of modern day womanhood are not limited to those born female. The channels of femininity are structured to both provide identity for those with breasts, wearing bows, and Barbie dolls, but also as a contrast to the qualities associated with the opposite gender. Clothes, hair lengths, toys and games are superficial signs of gender identity, but are often readily accepted by children absorbing the lay of the land as it presented to them. If a young boy identifies himself as being a girl, playing with Barbie’s instead of trucks and trains is complex and not accepted. The young boy feels a sense of excitement a thrill that he can
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