Barbie Vs Bratz : Global Models Of Beauty For Women Of Color

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Barbie vs Bratz: Global Models of Beauty for Women of Color It is widely accepted that societies create standards of beauty where certain features are seen as more desirable. These beauty standards differ among historical periods and localities, disseminating through media, literature, and other forms of mass communication to affect individual psyches and everyday interactions. In the modern era, global beauty standards are demonstrably Eurocentric, which I define as describing ideals of beauty that correlate with and enforce whiteness (e.g. light skin, large eyes, thin noses, straight hair) and are the result of historical processes that contextualize whiteness as superior. Such beauty standards have disproportionately affected women: a…show more content…
Both respondents indicated that throughout their lives, features associated with whiteness were consistently upheld as ideal. Laura described the ways in which the “skinny white girl with straight, blonde hair and light skin” was always exalted, whereas Abbie mentioned how in Hong Kong, there was a strong definition of a beautiful woman as having “pale skin, big eyes with double eyelids, and a tall nose.” Of course, given that there are only two respondents, data can only truly testify to impacts in the United States in Hong Kong, but speaks to processes that have far-reaching implications. It is unsurprising that these beauty standards are found in both the US and Hong Kong, given the way that globalizations and colonialisms have spread Western ideals of beauty. Hong Kong occupies a unique space within global geopolitics; as a former British colony, a current modern financial hub, and as a space that Abbie describes as “carrying heavy Western and Eastern influences.” Hong Kong provides a prototype of the ways in which globalization and Western dominance have affected subjugated and colonized cultures. Abbie specifically states the ways in which, as an urban center, advertisements from Western companies and Western-influenced companies have huge implications on beauty ideals. This suggests that capitalist media and Westernization of economies provide dominating cultural

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