Barbie's Impact On Young Children Effect

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Barbie’s Impact on Young Children effect March 9th, 1959 in a Toy Fair in New York, a new toy came out for the first time named Barbie. From then on, this toy has become one of the greatest promoter of imagination in particularly young girls. This toy is formed with parts that try to imitate a real human body. Barbie dolls were made to portrait humans and for kids to use as any regular doll. One can purchase a Barbie doll with different characteristics such as different hair color, clothing, and even profession. The standard height of a Barbie doll is 11.5 inches tall, 18 inches on the waist, 36 inches chest range, and about 33 inches of the hips. As the industry started growing, Barbie’s became one of the most common toys found all across…show more content…
With mention in the previous paragraph, Barbie has been made with the image that she has everything- mansion, car, fashionable clothes, and love. A child that doesn’t receive any of that could start to feel depressed emotionally. On, a completely opposite reaction, the child might feel happy to pretend to have all of those comforts through a Barbie as well. The fourth area affected by this particular toy is socially. By simply having a Barbie, a child could interact with other kids at the age through playing with it. Barbie’s can be the start of a new friendship. The fact that Barbie comes in different races can also help the child socially by learning at an early age to accept different nationalities and to see others equally. Overall, Barbie’s have been a part in my life where I have used to play and imagine different settings I would have loved to explore with my friends. It has been both real and imaginative in my life. Once I began to play with one, all my worries were gone and I felt that time would stop. It all started when my father would buy me Barbie’s to make me happy. When he left after the divorce to another state, my father would send me each year a new Barbie. Psychologically, looking at those times now, you can say that every time I saw a Barbie, I would be reminded of my father’s love to me; even though he was away, my father still thought of me every time he saw a Barbie at a store. I would definitely recommend this toy to a friend because despite everyone’s opinions, those were the best years of my life- playing Barbie’s with my
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