Barbiturates Research Paper

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The classification of Phenobarbital is a depressant. A depressant can be called a "downer." These drugs come in tablets, capsules, and liquid form. A further classification of phenobarbital is that it is a barbiturate. A barbiturate is a drug used as a sedative or as a sleeping aid (Depressants). Even though depressants can be helpful to patients who suffer from seizures, they can become an addiction and can cause physical and physiological dependency. Addiction is the name of the state when an individual is completely dependent on a drug and abuses it even when they are aware that it is harmful. After the first couple of days of taking a barbiturate, a person could feel tired and becomes uncoordinated. With daily use, the body becomes accustomed…show more content…
Barbiturates, such as phenobarbital, easily dissolve in body fat. Therefore, they have a fast access to the brain because they can quickly cross the blood brain barrier. Also, because barbiturates dissolve into fat, they can accumulate and then try to re-enter the blood stream. Although the exact mechanisms, by which phenobarbital impacts the brain are not fully known, it is thought that these types of drugs connect to sodium channels found on neurons and then stops the flow of these ions. Sodium ions are not able to cross the neuronal membrane because action potentials are not able to be created (Neuroscience for Kids - Barbiturate). Depressants can also impact the normal breathing functions of the respiratory system negatively. most of these drugs act by slowing down the respiratory system. Phenobarbital can also cause Inflamed airways where the lungs are not able to clear contaminants out of the system and are a lot more easily prone to pneumonia. At worst, barbiturates can also cause respiratory failure (Health Effects of Barbiturates). Barbiturates impact the circulatory system with either short term or long term effects.The risk of these drugs definitely increases as use is continued, however symptoms such as heart attacks, can even occur after the first time of consuming a drug. Also, an abnormal heart rate or an increased heart rate can be a side effect of taking drugs. Another effect can be collapsed veins, this
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