Barbra Soloman Learning Styles

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The world is composed of more than seven billion individuals. With the large number of inhabitants that are on Earth, people are bound to have differences between them. One area where differences can be seen among individuals is their ability to learn information efficiently and effectively. A publication from North Carolina State University called Learning Styles and Strategies written by Richard Felder and Barbra Soloman, discusses the various learning styles and strategies that people use in order to understand material, and how those styles vary depending upon the individual.
In order to apply the results that Felder and Soloman found, a person has to first take a quiz to figure out there preferable learning styles. Once completed, they can compare their results with those of the study and attempt to relate the information in the article to their own learning techniques. In my case, the results from the exam revealed that I am an active, sensing, verbal and sequential learner. Being an active learner
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Visual learners obtain information best by observing pictures, charts, and diagrams. Oppositely, verbal learners tend to succeeded in learning environments where there is a lot of verbal and written information. In respect to the study informing me that I am a verbal learner is something that I agree with. In classes, charts and pictures don’t help me as much as reading the actual text that is required for the course. Lastly, the article discussed sequential and global learners. Sequential learners are best described as people that are able to obtain information in logical order, whereas global learners can understand information randomly and put that information together to greater understand a complex topic. In this area of the study, I agree with my result. As a sequential learner I find it easier to learn information in order, rather than learning the material
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