Barbra The Way She Is Anderson Analysis

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With a flamboyant sweep “Barbramania had a grip on New York”, said Christopher Anderson of the year 1994. Author of Barbra: The Way She Is (a Barbra Streisand biography), Anderson reveals the startling truth about the woman behind the world renowned legend. The hot-headed, Jewish girl with the large nose and notoriously grandiose temper defied all odds as she achieved global success. Growing up with incessant bullying and verbal abuse from classmates, producers, and even family; Streisand unceasingly struggled with “gnawing self-doubt about the way she looked” and the talent she possessed (Anderson 20). As her astounding hardships are brought to light, one can see the lasting impact childhood experiences can have on a person. Many parents and influential figures do not understand how their harsh words can…show more content…
As an adult, she logically believed she had to convince herself and others, she was talented enough to perform. The need to become “competent at everything” is one predominant symptom of anxiety (McLeod). In Streisand’s case, her anxiety developed because of unrealistic expectations she learned as a child. The verbal abuse she experienced evolved into anxiety and panic disorders that greatly impacted her health and career. The Anxiety and Depression Association of America (ADAA) states that performer’s anxiety can take a “huge toll on self-confidence and self-esteem”. The pressure she put on herself resulted in stressed-induced anxiety attacks and physical sickness. Before one performance “Streisand suddenly collapsed on the floor, shaking” with fear (Anderson 16). At another concert, she didn’t sleep for two days, lost weight, and was forced to start taking medication for nausea and vomiting. People didn’t realize the phenomenal star that performed was veiling a closely guarded secret: Barbra Streisand was so fearful of disappointing an audience she was terrified by the mere thought of standing on a
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