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Barclay Memorial Hospital (BMH) has served its community since 1947 offering the best in health care and gaining the trust of the citizens in the community. A district board was set up to govern the hospital and direct it in a way that would allow the hospital to achieve their goals by bringing quality health care to the neighborhood. The district board was made up of five members who were elected by residents in the district to serve 3-year terms. Around 10 years ago, the board and the CEO decided that the best course of action for the hospital in order to remain competitive was to join a medical group, Valley Physician Group. This made BMH a private, not-for-profit hospital. However, the physician-hospital organization eventually…show more content…
A good way to communicate this to the surgeons would be to develop a financial plan with the board to show the surgeons how much more profitable more surgeons would be. While Carson is developing a financial plan, she should also look to develop a completely new strategic plan for the company that sets the tone for how the company is going to direct itself for the next 3-5 years. This is another good opportunity to get the board involved and to make them a part of the conversation of what direction they want to move the company toward in the coming years. Carson should stress the companies market position with them and what they could do to improve on that position. Barclay Memorial is licensed for 400 beds but last year operated only 275 beds with an average daily census of 249 patients. Despite these low numbers, the number of deliveries last year was at an all time high with 3,216 and this number is likely to increase the following year. Surgeries also totaled 6,201, which has the potential to increase, if Carson can get the hospital on board with expanding the number of surgeons at the hospital to handle increasing patient volumes. Orthopedics should also be a topic of conversation as it is in a position to grow in the future. By looking to improve on these services, Barclay Memorial can expect to improve on their position in the market. I feel that involving the board in devising a new strategic plan and allowing them to communicate with the

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