Barclays Bank: Business Law and Ethics

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BUSINESS LAW AND ETHICS Assignmen ( BA 3 ) : Teacher: David Mwaura Date of submission: 13/06/2012 Executive summary: -Introduction… -What is Corporate social responsibility ?... -Introducing Dell … -Csr strategy of Dell… -Environmental responsibility… -Ethics and compliance… -Creating a healthy workplace… -Conclusion… -REFERENCES… BUSINESS LAW AND ETHICS: Introduction: The definition of corporates social responsibility (CSR) previously given by the commission of Europe was: *Company’s…show more content…
Dell can reduce cost by optimizing the consumption of the energy and also help the customers do the same. Nowadays, dell sees a growing number of customers who cares about green issues and also the next generation coming of consumers, employees, information officers and regulators are already aware of the consequences and environmental impact on our planet. Because Dell believes that the following features are fundamental for a great sustainability strategy: →Engaging with stakeholders →prioritizing issues →Developing partners to implement programs →Combining our efforts into a sustainable brain →reporting true and verifiable data →Helping the customers to understand the complexity of sustainability and trying to clarify the confusion about labels. The UN intergovernmental panel on IPCC (Climate change)clarified in its fourth report (in 2007) that a continued greenhouse gas emissions at current rates would obviously cause more warming and lead to many changes in the global climate system …’’ . The IPCC made that conclusion: All the developed countries would actually have to reduce their gas emission by 10 to 40 % under 1990 levels by the year 2020 and also by 40
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