Barclays Bank

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Introduction In the time of 2008 Global Financial Crises, Barclays Bank is fourth-largest bank in the world, and second-largest bank in the United Kingdom, which has more than 300 years history. The GFC brought limited impact on Barclays’ operation in the crisis early stage. However, few month later (in September 2008), with the crisis spread all over the world, investors lose their confidence on financial institutions. The share price of Barclays dropped more than 40% in only one month. And even worse, now UK Government was raising the required Tier 1 ratio (from 9% to 11%) in order to protect stability of UK financial market. Barclays have to fund at least £6.5 from outside capital to meet the requirement. UK Government and Middle…show more content…
Further, Government intended to reform Barclays management and operation, but Middle Eastern focused on the opportunity to profit. Therefore, it is wise to accept Middle Eastern offer. Lastly, cooperating with Middle Eastern investors might lead Barclays expend to Middle Eastern area and increase commercial opportunities. Appendix 1 Government offer Appendix 2 Middle Eastern
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