Barclays Lehman Hrm Challenges

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|Organizational Behaviour | |Barclays PLS & Lehman Brothers Merger | |Yasir Irshad | [pic] Executive Summary The Human Resource Management challenges faced by the Barclays PLC after merger with Lehman Brothers were mainly the low motivational levels of Lehman Brothers employees which were due to demise of Lehman Brothers and merger with Barclays PLC. Another factor was of personality differences between employees and groups of employees. They were required to have a very strong and clear communication with all the stakeholders as communication is a tool which is of most importance in scenario of mergers.…show more content…
This is due to unclear communication between the stakeholders of the concerned organisations. HRM challenges Mergers have become the way to go in the current climate of instability due to the recession. Since more and more companies are now showing the openness and eagerness towards mergers to enhance the business or to achieve stability, the issues associated with mergers are ever so under scrutiny than ever before. The human resource management issues related to mergers are categorised in two phases which are known as Pre-Merger Phase and Post-Merger Phase. It is important for managers managing the merger to not neglect the human resource management at any stage of the merger process. Only through human resource management the people can be assured of the changes the merger will bring. In the case of merger between Barclays PLC and Lehman Brother, the main human resource management challenges were the difference in cultures of the two organisations involved in the merger process and also the Motivation of staff from both companies and especially those from Lehman Brothers. People problems are a major cause of failed mergers, and you must ensure that most if not all of the people you want are still in place at the end of the integration period. This is best achieved by carrying out an employee selection process whose pace and substance matches the kind of merger involved. (Kay and Shelton[1]) The main issues faced by human resource

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