Bard At Simon's Rock

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As generations pass, and students change and develop, teachers and administrators propose new techniques to help students improve. From the introduction of school, to the division of age groups, to standardized testing, someone always has a new way to help students in school. A new idea, however, may be the key to success. A school in Massachusetts has developed a new program that challenges students with college level classes while still in high school. As students improve in school, to prevent boredom in the classroom, they need a challenge, this challenge being harder level, college courses. While still in the comfort of high school, students experience the rigor of college classes, this helping ease the transition into higher education…show more content…
The two-year college program is tuition free for all students no matter their race (DeRuy). “About 40 percent of the network’s 2,340 early-college students are black, a quarter are white, 16 percent are Latino, and 15 percent are Asian” (DeRuy). Many of these students have a chance they would not normally have because of Simon’s Rock. Designers of the program specifically want to work with black students who would, in other circumstances, be confined to lesser fortunate schools (DeRuy). A study done in New York showed that with Bard’s program, black students have double the chance to go on to receive a Bachelor’s degree than if they attended school in the typical public school system; many of these black students are the first in their families to do this (DeRuy). Simon’s Rock’s program has helped many students and will continue to help students as the program…show more content…
Teachers and classes push students to new levels, and they have the chance to have a higher education at an under average age. Creators of the program believe that “the coming years stand to bring more rapid growth” to the network giving even more students opportunities (DeRuy). The expansion of this program will allow students all over the nation to receive chances at education like those Simon’s Rock students receive for no additional cost. Along with the cost of money, students may have to sacrifice their childhood time, something they cannot get out from under, like they can with loans. In my own life, I have dealt with my own educational expenses aside from money: peace of mind, free time, and
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