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According to Bare Knuckle Boxing the earliest evidence of boxing dates back to Egypt around 4000 B.C. The sport of boxing began gathering the attention of many men who want to test their strengths, agility, and evasiveness.
The ancient fighters used thongs, wrapped around their hands, as the primitive form of a glove. (HBKB). Back then fights would take place with some sort of cloth to wrap around the hands of the fighters. Bare knuckle fighting developed throughout the years. Fighters would rather use something around their hands as opposed to using their bare knuckles which would have signs of previous damage due to the previous
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At that time, many were living through a prosperous and social change of status. With towns growing into cities and many businesses growing, sports stadiums were being built as well. In the 1920s boxing and baseball were the first professional sports. (AS). As an addition to the towns, Yankees stadium and Madison Square Garden were built in New York City for their sports teams. As a matter of fact, according to American Sports and 1920s, Madison Square Garden was rebuilt in 1925 in order to hold the many excited viewers of these events such as boxing, basketball and ice hockey, which grew like wildfire over the years. (AS). New York was a big town growing even bigger with these stadiums, drawing the attention of many men and their…show more content…
These classes are the original categories for the fighters. Throughout the 20th century, numerous sub divisions came into play when fighters of various between weight classes were involved. These divisions became known as “super,” “junior” and “light” classes. Many clubs and organizations even use these classes to help student learn, gain skills, and improve their knowledge of the sport as a whole. The fathers in the boxing wanted their son(s) to grow up and be fighters as well or at least be able to protect themselves or the family without using weapons. Many even taught their son(s) at home or put them in clubs to train. At this time, people actually fought or disputes and did not run to get a
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