Barefoot Running Injuries

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This article is about the fast growing technique of endurance running, which has evolved over the years significantly. Although it may seem like a bit trendy and popular, this particular type of running has its pros and cons. Due to the fact that endurance running includes a various amount of repetitive ground impact forces, it is not unlikely for one to develop a stress injury to the lower leg. In order to decrease the risk that comes along with endurance running, preventative measures should be enforced. When running some of the most common injuries that one may be at risk for are patellofemoral pain syndrome, tibial stress fractures, plantar fasciitis, and Achilles tendonitis. But in this article, a new study suggests that Barefoot running contains the potential to promote the healing process, increase performance, and decrease injury rates. Still to this day disagreement exists as to whether barefoot/minimalist running stimulates healing, increases performance and decreases injury rates. After reading this article I became aware that the main purpose of it was to educate individuals on the long time injuries that one is at risk for when performing running activates barefoot. In most cases, injuries are often multi-factorial, and it…show more content…
Running with no arch support should never be a good idea, well for me at least.After just reading the title and abstract I can honestly say I was expecting a major breakthrough discovery but I was highly disappointed. Although many of the knowledge reviled in the article seem to be a bit of common since I learn that it's not learn to barefoot to look cool due to the fact many negative things can result from it such as shin splints and stress fracture. On a more positive aspect, I was able to relate this back to my personal life because in the past I developed a stress facture from running on a multitude of different
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