Essay on Barefoot Spirit

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List at least 7 practical lessons that can be summarized in a sentence Provide an anecdote from the history of Barefoot Wines that illustrates each of the nuggets you identify. 1. When you get into a corner you say “Hey, look, a puppy!” – Although this sounds a bit silly, it is a great lesson when you are in a board room or in a meeting and backed into a corner with nowhere to go. You simply change the subject to release the tension and focus on something else that will possibly lead to some solutions instead of going down the same path over and over. When Michael was in the meeting at Souverain to try and get some of Mark Lyons money back from money they owed him for his 1984 crop and realized that this winery had absolutely no money…show more content…
Because of their honesty and approaching in a proactive manor, they built great relationships which were strategic partnerships vital for their survival. 6. Believe in your ideas with passion, drive and humility – the humility to take chances, to be wrong and fix your mistakes, and to let someone else have the right answer if it works for your business. - Barefoot brought in a new winemaker Jennifer Wall who was a huge asset to their company. They posed Jen with a difficult task of making wine on a limited budget and make it taste like all of the other Barefoot they have previously made. Jen had never done anything like this before but she knew she would come up with a plan and make it work. She is the best example of her believing in her idea and executing it beautifully. It is also a great example of how Bonnie and Michael let her have the right answer to their problem because it was good for their business. Jennifer helped Barefoot go national and would have a huge part in their Just In Time Wine which helped them with their stressed cash flows. 7. Never Waste a perfectly good mistake – This is one of my favorites because everyone is going to make mistakes, but it is how you react and deal with them that makes them good mistakes. When Michael was going to Chicago to show new Barefoot wines to major retailers in the area. Since it is too much to carry on a plane, the wine would be shipped ahead of time to meet Michael
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