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SUCCESS PROFILE barista APRIL 2009 GUIDELINES FOR USE The statements in this Success Profile are general in nature and are intended as guidelines to be used in gauging partner performance. Starbucks reserves the right to handle individual employment situations, including decisions about performance evaluations and employment status, on an individual, case-by-case basis, in accordance with local employment laws and regulations. Any questions about the content of this profile should be referred to your local partner resources generalist. SUCCESS PROFILES OVERVIEW WHAT ARE SUCCESS PROFILES? Success Profiles are a performance and development tool that provides relevant examples of the behaviors that demonstrate what success looks like at…show more content…
speed, quality etc.) Does not interact with new or existing customers; verbal and non-verbal actions make customers feel unwelcome Promotes an “us” vs. “them” attitude between partners and customers Recognizes new customers and makes them feel welcome; creates a sense of belonging Communicates and educates customers on core products and services Acts and makes decisions with the customer in mind Is not knowledgeable about core products and services Lets unhappy customers leave the store without attempting to resolve their issues Treats customers as transactions vs. valued individuals MI Is unwilling to handle or reacts defensively to customer criticism, complaints or special requests; avoids difficult customers Responds to customers; takes the time

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