Barn Burning By William Faulkner

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William Faulkner’s short story “Barn Burning” is an epic exhibition of the author’s style. In the story, Faulkner shows us the story of Colonel Sartoris Snopes regarding his want for good and his loyalty to his family. Throughout the story, Sarty is put in a position of having to struggle between his integrity and his want to defend his father and family. In “Barn Burning,” a struggle is displayed by Sarty Snopes between his want to do right and his want to honor his father. The reader gets the first glimpse at the struggle early on in “Barn Burning.” Sarty is called to testify at a Justice of the Peace hearing. Sarty’s father is on trial for allegedly burning down the barn that belonged to Mr. Harris. The reader sees fairly quickly…show more content…
(Ford) The moral maturity is pointed out in a cited article by Karl F. Zender, which is directed primarily at Abner Snope’s pyromania in the story, however, the moral maturity is easily identifiable in the Justice of the Peace court when Sarty refuses to lie.
The punishment which is given to Sarty is given because Sarty did not stick with his family. Sarty’s father, Abner, says “You got to learn to stick to your blood or you won’t have any blood to stick to you.” (Faulkner) Abner’s statements show two completely different points of view between the two regarding the incident with the Justice of the Peace. Sarty views the exchange and his refusal to lie as a moral duty. Even if this is not the most obvious thought by Sarty, within himself he understands this moral value. Abner, on the other hand, views the exchange as a betrayal of family. This may show that Abner Snopes does somewhat lack a moral maturity. Abner Snopes appears to use family as a defense for lying in this exchange. Abner is not necessarily morally corrupt, it may just be a loyalty to family that trumps all else. This is pointed out by Max Loges in “Faulkner’s BARN BURNING.” Loges says in the article, “Abner Snopes is also depicted as a man who is loyal to
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