Barnes & Noble: Managing the E-book Revolution

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Rivalry and opportunities in E-Book industry at the example of Barnes & Noble`s management Even as the internet was still in its rapid growth phase, the idea of electronic books was gaining popularity. The comsuming public was already familiar to the idea of downloading digital content in the form of MP3 music files. Big technology firms like Microsoft and Adobe were investing huge amounts in the industry`s future.The EBook sales grew enormously in the past few years, while the physical book sales declined. Rather, from 2009 to 2011, the sales increased from $166.9 million up to $969.9 million. Barnes & Noble is the largest retail bookseller in the United States, operates 691 bookstores in 50 staates. Barnes & Noble College Booksellers,…show more content…
Earlier this year, Barnes & Noble announced that NOOK tablets would intergrate with Google Play, but it was already too late. In 2013 the company announced that it will stop manufacturing tablets in-house. Newsworthy information arrived recently; Barnes & Noble announced cooperation with the South-Korean IT firm Samsung in the tablet segment. Their first common development is named as “Galaxy Tab 4 Nook” and will be available from august in the US. The reader software will be provided by Barnes & Noble and the hardware is manufactured by Samsung. Moreover, both core brands are included. For Mike Husbey, Barnes & Noble`s new CEO, it was essential to collaborate with a global technology leader for the firms path. In an interview he emphasized, that they have been pretty clear in recent times about their strategic intent to seek a high-quality third-party partner for their hardware needs, which would allow them to continue to rationalize Nook and really focus on what they are good at and what they can be competitive at in the current landscape where you have giants like Amazon and Apple and others who are producing tablets. Husbey chose Samsung, because it’s a high-quality hardware manufacturer and he feels confident that they complement each other very well. The partnership with Samsung brings the customers great new products and will growing digital content business of
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