Barnes Vs Ashley

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Jake Barnes and Lady Brett Ashley are two of the main protagonists in Ernest Hemingway’s fictional novel, The Sun Also Rises. The Sun Also Rises takes place mainly in and around Paris around the mid-1920s. Barnes and Ashley met each other for the first time during World War I. Barnes was stationed in France, when he was injured, during the war. Barnes was then taken to a hospital, where he met met a nurse, Lady Brett Ashley. The two then began to fall in love, yet refuse to be together. It is as if they are trapped by their fate. Barnes and Ashley are tormented by their love for one another, longing to be to be together, yet saddened that they cannot. Their deep love for one another, yet their inability to be together, makes for a…show more content…
I believe that God has chosen a fate for us, but it is us who get to decide whether or not we follow His plan. About a year ago, the worship band at church wanted a bass player, and they asked me if I would like to learn. I could have declined their offer, which would have put a lot less responsibility on me, but instead I chose to learn. I also had the opportunity to go to Camp Electric to better my skills at the bass. There I was able to take lesson’s from many famous Christian artists’ bass players, including TobyMac’s and Jeremy Camp’s, who all influenced me to continue down this path. Because I chose to learn the bass instead of declining the offer, I have been able meet and take lessons from famous Christian bass players, I get to play in the worship band every other Sunday, which I love doing, and now I am going to pursue a career in music. I believe that God had planned out everything that occured, but I was responsible for choosing whether or not to go through with his plan. God has a plan for everyone, but you get to choose you own fate, even if it does not go through with his plan. Even though God can influence one’s heart toward something, the decision is theirs. Barnes and Ashley are not trapped by their fate, they have the power to choose whether or not they want to be together. Because they chose not to be together, and they must now live with the consequences of their decision. They have the power to decide their
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