Barnes and Noble: Business Information System

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Westminster International University in Tashkent Business Information Systems 2011-2012 Coursework 1 Barnes & Noble Student’s ID number | 00001169 | Module name | Web Applications Development | Module code | EUZ600 | Tutor | Dmitriy Pochitaev | Individual assignment | | Group assignment | | Submission deadline | 1 December 2011 | For Academic Registrar use only | Table of Content Executive Summary 3 Company Description 5 Business Perspective Evaluation 6 Establishment and Organization of E-commerce 6 E-commerce and Revenue models 8 Analysis of Industry, Market and Competitors 9 SWOT analysis 10 Competitors 11 Promotion and Customer Relations 12 Market Target 12 Advertising…show more content…
The first bookstore, in its turn, was set up by his son William Barnes and G. Clifford Noble in 1917 in New York. The website was created in the late 1980 but was not launched till 1997. Currently Barnes & Noble owns more than 717 stores, services nearly 40 million customers and has reached 27% of electronic books market share. Besides this, it carries over 2 million of book titles on the website and sells approximately 300 million books and 1 million of unique titles each year. Business Perspective Evaluation Establishment and Organization of E-commerce Barnes & Noble started their exploration of internet business opportunities in the 1980s after the establishment of Trintex. Before that, the company simply used mail-order catalogues where it located lists of their products. Trintex, on the contrary, was B&N’s first experience in online retailing, which was launched as a joint venture between Sears and IBM. However, the company’s own website was launched only in May 1997. Although Barnes and Noble mainly specializes on the books retailing, its services and developments are not limited by this. For example, the company provides a wide range of audio and mp3 audio books: Besides this, Barnes & Noble Kids programme allows the customers to find books, videos and music with specific age-recommendations: DVD and Blue-ray store is now

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