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Product and Positioning

The Nook E-Reader by Barnes and Noble is a 12.1 ounce portable e-reader with a 6 inch ink screen 3G wireless connection with the ability to hold over 1,500 books on its memory card. The nook’s features also include computerized versions of popular games and allow the user to download magazines and newspapers to the device (Bubar). This device satisfies the esteem needs of achievement and status since owning a piece of new technology delivers the message of a higher status symbol to a person’s peer group (Chapman). Being able to afford an E-Reader satisfies a want for convenience and is not necessary need. The current product positioning for the Nook relies on its user friendly capabilities and
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The commercial featured in our powerpoint ad depicts how people from different areas of the world and of different ages can use the Nook for reading, internet browsing, and playing games. All of these people are demonstrating how easy it is to use the Nook at home, at school, at the park or at work. The ease and versatility of the Nook is the focal point of its marketing campaign. Since the Nook is sold exclusively by Barnes and Noble it has been an obvious choice for them to target their current consumer base. Barnes and Noble has released a series of commercials that show people reading books and using the Nook since both are product line extensions for Barnes and Noble. Barnes and Noble is currently utilizing the internet for a large portion of the promotions. Barnes and Noble currently sends emails notifications to people who have registered their email with them either in store or online. These emails often coordinate with upcoming holidays and will entice the customer to purchase the Nook by offering them a $25 gift card with their purchase. Barnes and Noble ran a large print ad in October 2010 for the release of the Nook Color, the newest version for the original Nook in black and

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