Baron Danglars In The Count Of Monte Cristo By Alexandre Dumas

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The triumph and the downfall Can you fix yourself by breaking someone else? Can you find happiness by destroying someone else's? In The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas, there are many acts of betrayal and jealousy, but the person who is most responsible for turning the naive sailor, Edmond Dantes into the cold-hearted man he becomes is Baron Danglars. The jealousy Danglars feels toward his younger and more attractive co-worker leads him to commit despicable acts that have a terrible outcome. Danglars is the ringleader; his actions, such as manipulating the aimless Fernand and the drunken Caderousse into doing his dirty work, cause Dantes to lose everything he has. Vice is an emerging theme in the text. Danglars’ jealousy consumed his life and eventually his greed destroyed everything his loved. Danglars’ plans to use Fernand’s jealousy to his advantage and involve him in the plan to destroy Dantes. He always have an ulterior motive “Danglars looked scrutinizingly at Fernand” (Dumas 15). Danglars is…show more content…
Danglars is a silent but bitter opponent. He stood in the shadows and pulled apart Dantes peace until the sailor was nothing but a broken man. Baron Danglars is not to be trusted but Dantes makes the mistake of not discarding Danglars,‘“Poor fellow!” excludes danglars, pretending to pity the young man from the bottom of his heart” (Dumas 14). The betrayal of Danglers made Dantes realize that it's better to have an enemy who honestly say they hate you than to have a friend who is putting you down secretly. Danglars tries to make Morrel doubt Dantes’ actions “The ship was as sound as i am and as i hope you, are monsieur morrel, wasting that day and a half was nothing but a whim of his; he just wanted to go ashore for a while, that’s all” (Dumas 3). Dantes reliability in terms of his friendship with Morrel was another thing that made Danglars see
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