Baroness Dilemma

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What do you believe is the main ethical dilemma in the story? Provide a detailed explanation as to why you believe this is the case. I do not believe that the Madman acted unethically. I believe that he is genuinely insane and doesn’t fully understand what he is doing; therefore there is no way he could have acted unethically. The Baron, as unpleasant as he seems to be, did not act unethically either; unless he arranged the murder of his wife (which we don’t know about but can wonder) he did not help the Madman kill the Baroness and had no opportunity to stop him either. The Baroness might be an adulteress, act foolishly, and be morally wrong but that is not unethical either. Therefore, I think that the main ethical dilemma in the…show more content…
Legally speaking, he is responsible for the Baroness’ death; he is the literal murderer. 2) The Baroness. She knew what was coming and had been warned. First, she had been asked to not leave the castle and disobeyed on purpose; then she was warned by the Madman that she would be killed if she tried to cross the drawbridge but came back to it anyway. No one forced her. She is responsible for her actions and her decisions lead her to her death. 3) The Lover. He was not a lover, he just used her. He is a jerk and cared enough to have sex with the Baroness but not if she ended up dead or alive. 4) The Friend. No true friend would send another friend to be killed. It seems like he had the money but just didn’t want the Baroness to borrow it. 5) The Baron. He did instill fear into the Baroness but did not help her death in any way. 6) The Boatman. He is just doing his job. He has a family to feed as well and need the money. Moreover, he has no way to know that it is a life or death situation. Many of the details of the story are left to your imagination. Which of the Universal Intellectual Standards could be used to help clarify the situation? Provide your answers in the form of specific questions you would like to ask. Out of the Universal Intellectual Standards, clarity, precision, and depth could help clarify the situation. Questions: * Did the Baron hire the Madman to kill the Baroness? * Why the Lover could not
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