Baroque Art Movement

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After the baroque artistic movement period new artists came to the scene that incorporated new artistic materials and techniques to their art in order to communicate their unique cultural experience. This will cover three examples from different eras of art that shows the comparison and contrast of each art in its era.
Starting with the Romantic era. I know what you are thinking. Everything in this period must have to do with love and lust and all things romantic. It actually has little to do with the popular thought of romanticism. Even though love may be the subject of some of the arts its more of a movement, and artistic feel. It was a reaction to against many artistic styles for the classics. It was the age where the artists wanted to
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An example of an artist from that time period would be John Constable. He mainly used mediums of oil and watercolor paintings called. One artwork would be “Flatford Mill” created in 1817. In this painting he…show more content…
This movement was in current time, everyday occurrances. Almost similar to the romantic era where they both focused on the observed world to be the focal point as opposed to neoclassicists who paint historical and mythological subjects. The realists attempted to be objective in their pieces and the romanticists were more about the emotion. Also, the realists like smaller and mundane subjects whereas the romantics liked the dramatic events and heroic elements. One artist that is from the realist movement is, John Singer Sargent. Sargent created a painting called the “Carnation Lily Lily Rose” in 1886. The medium he used was oil paint on canvas. This piece was created in terms of color, shadows and light. At first your eye is drown to so many different aspects of the painting but it was drawn in perspective of a small person. So you are experiencing the views of them. The colors used were some oranges, blues, whites, which give you an innocence of the children in the garden around them. Much like the romantic art movement, the painting is using some light colors and curvy/heavy brushstrokes to portray its story.
There are so many different types of art and different eras they come from that have developed after the Baroque period ended. Each with it’s own motive to express art, feelings, messages, views. But without one movement they do not expand. Each era has taken a little but of something from each other to make that time better
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