Baroque Art : The Baroque Period

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The Baroque period originated during the beginning of the 17th century in Italy and continued over a century in some parts of Europe. The Baroque artwork combines melodramatic compositions, beautiful details, and emotionality to give viewers as strong a visual experience as possible. Baroque murals and paintings can often be found in several churches and cathedrals through Italy and Europe. This is due because the Roman Catholic Church in the 17th century knew that the Baroque style of art could be used to endorse the church and give an impression of power and authority. Initial Baroque artists comprised of Caravaggio, a painter who influenced the Baroque style with his use of chiaroscuro and intense realism, and Annibale Carracci, who was well known for his frescoes. The Renaissance had seen an outbreak in art, music, culture and architecture. Italy had not been predisposed much by the protestant reformation and the church was still the more powerful force in the country. The Catholic Church still overpowered greatly but Italy did contribute greatly to art and science during this period. Shortly after a new artistic style came about Italy known as Baroque. Baroque was known for its prominence on movement and emotion. It was a movement that appealed more to the senses rather than the mind, artists like Caravaggio helped guide the path for a greater European artistic movement. Baroque architecture was influenced greatly by classical elements and the achievements of the
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